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As climate change is still very much a hot topic in Australia, with no real solution in sight, I was wondering whether the OSHC community could make a positive contribution to this pressing issue. Collectively, scientists are telling us that if global warming is not halted, then that will mean that the children in our care will inherit a challenging world when they are older?  Their world could include the complete loss of the Great Barrier Reef; other mass extinctions; food scarcity etc, etc, etc, to the point of it being a real-life Zombie apocalypse.  This, we do not want for our children!

But what can we do about it?  I think we might be able to do something.  What if we connect our OSHC educators and children to the multiple environmental and scientific communities that abound in Australia?  For example, instead of “Adopt-a-Cop”, we could “Adopt-a-Scientist”.  By doing this, we could draw on their knowledge and enthusiasm which could inspire our kids to make a real difference by “contributing to their world” through their own ideas and actions.


Knowledge is Power: Can Small Hands Change the World - & the Environment?


Having seen one group of young children (aged between five and seven years) successfully get their own “Save the Great Barrier Reef” campaign up and running, what if we could do something similar to this in every OSHC in Australia?  This might be the change that is needed so that our kids will have a brighter future with clean air, fresh water, food, jobs and The Great Barrier Reef to enjoy.

Are the educators and children in your service passionate about the environment?  Are they actively involved in any environmental campaigns or initiatives?  Do you think the children in your OSHC service would be interested in starting or joining an initiative in which we all can be involved?


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