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To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’ve curated 5 really lovely craft ideas for Outside School Hours Coordinators to use this year.


  1. Make a Heart Wreath

All you need for this Valentine’s decoration is some coloured paper (doesn’t have to be limited to red or pink! Let the kids get creative with different colours and that way, your paper supplies will (theoretically) deplete more evenly 😉), paper plates, scissors, ribbon and some glue.

You can find the full instructions at The Resourceful Mama


  1. Heart Shaped Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If you just know there are some boys (or girls!) in your service who will screw up their noses at the thought of making icky, romantic Valentine’s Day crafts, this idea might be for you.

You will need the specific TMNT colours in paper or cardboard for this one (orange, red, blue, purple and of course, green) and then scissors, glue and markers.

Pro Tip: You could cut out the green squares to size in advance of the activity to save time and mess. You could also use real googly eyes to stick on instead of additional paper (available at places like Riot, Spotlight, Lincraft, etc.)

Full instructions are available here at Housing a Forest.


  1. Make a Bee-autiful Gift

Using the more hygienic option of paper towel rolls cut into two, you’ll just need paint, coloured paper, pipe cleaners, tape, glue and markers to create this adorable little bee. If the thought of using paint gives you a mild panic attack, you could use yellow coloured paper to cover the paper towel roll instead.

Pro tip: If you have time and want to save on mess, cut the yellow paper for the rolls in advance so the kids just have to stick it on.

The Resourceful Mama has done it again and has full instructions here.


  1. Cross Stitch Heart Plates

This one could be a good one for the older kids to do as it’s a bit more involved. Even though it’s more complex, it still only requires a few simple supplies: paper plates, some wool, a hole punch and some scissors.

Full instructions courtesy of I Heart Crafty Things.


  1. Make Roses from Celery

Having celery sticks for a snack? Why not save the ends and use them for stamping rose shapes in this creative idea? Two birds, one stone if you will.

All you’ll need is some card or paper to do the stamping, some celery bases, and some paint. Again, if paint sends shivers up your spine, you could also use large stamp pads for a similar effect.

This one appeared in this Huffington Post article which has more ideas if you need even more inspiration.

So there you have it! Five really lovely craft ideas for your service to get the kids involved with Valentine’s Day. You never know – you might receive the end result of this craft activity yourself 😘

Good luck! Don’t forget to share your Valentine’s Day craft activities on Facebook or Instagram by tagging Filomons – we’d really love to see what you create.

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