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Hi, I’m Monique and Filomons is my newest baby.

My other three babies have all grown up into fine adults, who make their mum very proud!

I’ve spent most of my adult life caring for children. First my own, then hundreds of other children in Outside School Hours Care (OSHC).

I love to learn and have studied at both university and TAFE. Over the years I’ve gained qualifications in childcare, community service, social science, fitness leadership and business.

It’s my combined love of children and love of learning that led to the creation of Filomons. It started as one solution to one problem within the OSHC sector, but has grown into something more.

So what is it exactly?

Filomons is a rotational resource sharing program for OSHC services. It’s also a supportive community of OSHC educators who share ideas and experiences with each other.

At Filomons, we want to make your life as an OSHC educator easier, by providing you with interesting and engaging resources every 2 weeks. We want to make a positive contribution to the lives of our hard-working coordinators and enhance the lives of children when they are in OSHC.

Our resources are of high quality and are for education, for play, for sports – for all!

Connect and share with us, and together let’s share it all.

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